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Via de'Tornabuoni

This street is named after the ancient and famed family from Florence linked by marriage to the Medici in 1444. Two of the most famousmembers of this family were women. Lucrezia Tornabuoni, famed for her political and literary knowledge, married Piero de Medici when she was 17. Giovanna degli Albizi married Lorenzo the Magnificent’s cousin, Lorenzo Tornabuoni. These women were famed for not only their outstanding beauty, but their unparalleled intelligence.

Therefore, the most glamorous street in town is not only devoted to fashion, but is a reminder of the power of this family and the beauty and elegance of these two famous women. This long street is lined with elegant hotels and houses, high end coffee shops and restaurants, and the Jockey Club, all of them housed inside of amazing Renaissance palaces.