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Introduction to Florence

Introduction to Florence

A mesmerizing wonder set in the Tuscan hills of northern Italy, Florence contains many beautiful art galleries, monumental buildings, and magnificent palaces that give the city a certain vibrancy that is unique to the rest of the world. Art is a substantial part of the atmosphere; the city is overflowing with masterpieces in the styles of the Renaissance, Gothic, and Neo-Classical periods. This fertile land is blessed with the best grapes, and the lush greenery on the horizon of the city is a world-famous sight. Florence is home to some of the greatest designers in the world, and it overflows with shops of every style and taste. Its nightlife is lively; one needs only to step outside at night to take advantage of the revelry found in various bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Not To Be Missed

Be inspired by Fra Angelico’s frescoes inside the cells of the Monastery of San Marco.

Leave the world behind while sipping a glass of wine at any of the various enoteche.

Discover that most of what glitters in the grand Ponte Vecchio is in fact gold.

Explore the beautiful clothing, products, and gifts found in shop windows along the Via de’Tornabuoni.

Stroll by the open air markets, a vibrant collection of various cuisines, languages, and cultures.