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Florence Climate

Florence Climate

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Expect muggy weather and high temperatures in the summer. As rain arrives, temperatures begin to cool down. Winter temperatures can range from cool to cold with occasional snowfall.


Around it

How could one imagine visiting Florence and leaving out the other wonders in Tuscany?…the sea and hills, the coastal towns, the art and culture. The coastal strip and valleys are hotter than the rainy hillscape. However, Tuscany is generally mild. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Tuscany, particularly from April to June and September to October, because of their fine weather, outdoor activities, fewer tourists, and lower prices. July and August (summer) are hot, rain, and busy as many Italians and foreigners head for Tuscany to holiday. July temperature can be from 23ºC to 30ºC  and the valleys are hotter with temperatures of 40ºC. In the winter expect low temperatures ranging from 3.5°C to 5.5°C inland and 7ºC on the coast.


For further information read http://uk.weather.yahoo.com/italy/tuscany/ or http://www.italy-weather-and-maps.com/weather/