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Main Cities
Chiesa di Santo Spirito

Chiesa di Santo Spirito sits in the heart of the Oltrarno where it is possible to find endless artisan, restoration, and antique shops. THe Augustinian Order had a church at this site from the 13th to the 15th century when it was destroyed by a fire. After this, Brunelleschi was commisioned to rebuild the church. He modelled the church after San Lorenzo parish of the Medici which featured a Latin cross, three wide aisles. and forty minute chapels which are situated on both sides of the church. Both San Lorenzo and Santo Spirito are the most representative examples Renaissance architecture in Florence.

The Cenacolo del Santo Spirito (Cenacle of Santo Spirito) sits off the church. It used to be the refectory of the ancient monastery. At present the cenacle displays pieces of art and antiques that once belonged to the monastery. Among its highlights are the unique collection of Romanesque sculptures donated by the Fondazione Salvatore Romano and the beautiful fresco The Crucifixion by Orcagna and Nardo di Cione.